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HPC 9160MC HPC Tool

Premier Speedex Manual Key Duplicator

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The Premier Speedex is a dependable, manual duplicator, equipped with a heavy-duty motor. The 4-way jaws hold a large variety of different key blanks, including double-sided automotive keys. The expansive carriage range accommodates large-bow keys. The reversible tracer allows you to cut flat steel keys with the optional slotting cutter kit (No. CW-16KIT). The Premier Speedex is mounted on a sturdy base for added stability, and comes with the HPC Softieú de-burring brush. The simplicity of operating this machine makes easy work out of duplicating even a large number of keys. Its durable construction and bronze bearings combine for a long lasting machine.

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HPC was founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of lock plugs for the door handle manufacturing industry. Besides that, the company’s original products included lock plugs for cabinet handles, camping trailer handles and screen-door handles.




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