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HPC 1200CMB Tool

Original Blitz Code Machine

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HPC’s Blitz is the unequivocal “Standard of the Industry” and has been since its inception in 1978 when is was originally introduced as the 1200CM. The Blitz machine can cut virtually all standard pin and disc tumbler keys, as well as many specialty keys. The Blitz machine is simple to use and very versatile. In less than 30 seconds you can change from cutting a Ford 8-cut key to cutting a Medeco Biaxial key. With optional adapters, this versatile machine will also cut 6-space and 8-space Tibbe keys found on some Ford and Jaguar vehicles, as well as 7-pin tubular keys.

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HPC was founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of lock plugs for the door handle manufacturing industry. Besides that, the company’s original products included lock plugs for cabinet handles, camping trailer handles and screen-door handles.




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