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Installing A Norton Cam Action Door Closer

Installing a Norton Cam Action Door Closer

Norton Cam Action Door Closer installation can be easy. Arm yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions packaged with your Norton cam action door closer, plus this blog post, and you’ll be opening and closing your door with ease in no time!

Steps for installing:

  1. Read through the included instructions from the manufacturer. Check the table about required preparation for fasteners to make sure that you have the right hardware to get the job done!
  2. Measure, measure, measure! Use the template in the manufacturer’s instructions to determine where you need to drill the holes for installation. Mark these spots on the door, and then measure again to be sure that the holes are:
    • The proper distance from the door frame
    • The proper distance from each other
  3. Drill screw or bolt holes. Since you consulted the proper chart earlier, you should have all of your hardware and the proper drill bits ready! Double check that you have the correct screws/bolts and drill bits for your door type. The hardware and bit sizes required for the closer and track are different – make sure that you are using the right ones!
  4. Fasten the closer to the door. Be sure that the power adjustment nut is pointing towards the lock edge of the door!
  5. NOTE: at this point in the sequence, instructions for a push side and pull side diverge. If you are installing a push side closer, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the arms on the closer BEFORE mounting the slide track to the door frame.
  6. Fasten the slide track to the door frame. The position of the slide track on the door frame will depend on whether you are installing your closer on the push or pull side. If you are installing for a push side door, use the enclosed slide track angle bracket to properly position the track. In either case, make sure that the spring buffer and hold open device (if you are using one) are in the end closest to the hinge side of the door.
  7. For pull side application, prepare the slide arm by attaching the spline shaft with the enclosed screw, using the 4mm allen wrench provided. For push side application, you should already have the slide arm attached.
  8. Hold the side arm parallel to the door, and slide the spline shaft into the top of the closer. Once you can feel that it has hit the gear, rotate the arm about 5 degrees outward until the spline shaft slides into the closing gear.
  9. It’s time to fasten the slide arm to the track! Position the slide arm under the slider stud in the track. Put the end of the enclosed 5mm hex wrench through the threaded hole in the slide arm and into the hex on the stud. Turn the wrench counter clockwise to pull the stud down through the threaded hole in the slide arm until tight.
    • Note: push side installation requires the use of enclosed plastic bushing to maintain the proper slide arm angle. See manufacturer instructions for more details.
  10. Your closer is installed! Test the door, and see if you need to make any adjustments to the door’s power or speed. The closing power adjustment works with the spring, whereas the closing cycle, latch cycle, and opening cycle adjustments are achieved through the hydraulic action. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the various adjustment mechanisms. Take note of the acceptable range of adjustments that are safe for the closer!
  11. After you have tested the door and made any necessary adjustments, install the closer cover by sliding it over the closer and snapping it into place.

Congratulations! You have installed your Norton Cam Action door closer!

Downloads/More Info

2800 ST Installation Instructions

Norton 2800ST Template

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